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For dentists and orthodontists
Who really want to acquire new patients

Web marketing for dental clinics

Is your dental clinic
invisible on the web?

It matters little that your dental clinic is the greatest or that you have the prettiest website. If you are not found easily on the web, you will convince few people to become patients.

Our web visibility service includes search engine optimization (SEO), Google AdWords advertising (Pay per clic) and Facebook.

Is your website convincing
enough for patients to call?

If a patient searching for a dental clinic looks at your website and those of your competitors, which clinic will be chosen?

We are experts in persuasion on the web. We use best practices in marketing, usability and psychology to convince web visitors to become your patients. Depending on the state of your website, improvements in persuasion are accomplished by minor redesigns or may require a complete website overhaul.

If you are serious about new patient acquisition, call us at (450) 647-0652 or email us at info@marcpoulin.ca.

Marketing Clinique Dentaire
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