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Online advertising terms

The world of Internet advertising has its own vocabulary. It is important to understand these terms in order to better interpret the statistics related to advertising campaigns. If you are not yet using Internet advertising, these definitions will help you understand those who offer this kind of service. Continue reading to discover the world behind acronyms like PPC, CPC, CTR, etc.

The following are very common terms used in online advertising

AdWords :

Name of the Google product to create and manage advertisements on the Internet. This is the product that generates the majority of Google's revenue and subsidize their free services such as Search, Gmail and YouTube.

Bing Ads :

Name of the Microsoft product that lets you create and manage advertisements on the Internet. It is very similar to AdWords but is much less popular.


Acronym for "Pay Per Click", PPC is a method of billing for online advertising where the advertiser pays only when someone clicks on the ad. The ads that we see in the Google search results are billed on a PPC basis.


Acronym for "Cost Per Click". For paid advertisements in PPC mode, it is the amount that will be paid by the advertiser for a click on its ads.


Acronym for "Cost Per Mille" (mille is latin for thousand) and refers to the cost to the advertiser when their ads are displayed 1000 times. With CPM, the number of clicks on the ads does not change the cost. CPM and PPC are the two main methods of charging for Internet advertising.


Acronym for "Click Through Rate", it refers to the frequency of ad click. For example, if an ad appears 1000 times and receives 27 clicks, the CTR is 2.7%.

Keyword :

Words or phrases chosen by an advertiser to trigger the display of an ad.

Banners :

Type of ads, usually in image format, which are broadcasted on websites advertising networks such as the  “Google Display Network” and the “Bing Content Network”.

This blog is for dentists and orthodontists who wish to discover the best pratices in dental web marketing for patient acquisition.

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Online advertising terms

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