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12 signs that your dental clinic needs a website redesign

Your dental clinic changes over time. So does Internet technologies. Your website must reflect this evolution. Moreover, when you built your current website a few years ago, you had less experience than now with the web, you were unsure of its value and you may not have invested the time and money to do a proper job. With these signs, you will know that it is time to go back to the drawing board and redesign your website.

12 signs that you need to redesign your website now

  1. Your website has halitosis. Your employees are embarrassed by your website and avoid mentioning its existence.
  2. Your website cannot be viewed properly on tablets such as the iPad or on smartphones, often because it uses Flash technologies.
  3. The poor appearance of your website does not reflect the professional image of your clinic.
  4. You are jealous of competitor’s website. They look better and are easier to use.
  5. The clinic logo and official colors have changed, but not on your website.
  6. Your website is very narrow and looks ridiculous because it was designed at a time when screens were much smaller.
  7. The information on your website has been incorrect or incomplete for years.
  8. Your website was designed in 2009 or dates further back.
  9. Your website was designed by your nephew or a friend who spends all his time on Facebook.
  10. Your waiting room costs more than your website.

    But the best signs are:

  11. You do not get your fair share of new patients from the web.
  12. Your mother thinks your website is ugly.

This blog is for dentists and orthodontists who wish to discover the best pratices in dental web marketing for patient acquisition.

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